Monday, May 6, 2013

BIBFRAME "Early Experimenters" issue discussion papers

Sally McCallum, chief of LC's Network Development and Standards Office, announced on May 2 the availability of a discussion paper on the BIBFRAME annotation model, prepared by a subgroup of the BIBFRAME Early Experimenters team. The paper is the first in a planned series which will eventually include discussion papers on BIBFRAME authorities, relationships,, resource types, holdings, and aggregates.

The BIBFRAME model defines four core resource classes: Work, Instance, Authority, and Annotation. According to the introduction to the Annotations paper, "a review of a BIBFRAME Work, Instance, or Authority is considered an Annotation of that resource. Review is one of several potential categories of information to be treated as Annotations. Other categories include contributor biographical information, publisher description, cover art, and sample text."

Feedback on the paper is invited via the Bibliographic Framework Initiative discussion list (