Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Getting to Know TS Librarians: Jessica Pasquale

  1. Introduce yourself (name & position). Please provide a picture to be posted to the TechScans blog.
    Hello! My name is Jessica Pasquale and I am the Head of Scholarly Publishing & Intellectual Access at the University of Michigan Law Library. I was initially hired as the Scholarly Publishing & Systems Librarian in fall of 2011, and was promoted to my current position in May of 2017.
  2. Does your job title actually describe what you do? Why/why not?
    Somewhat. The "Scholarly Publishing" part encompasses my work with the student-edited law journals and our institutional repository, as well as my involvement with our faculty publications bibliography and support of faculty scholarship. The "Intellectual Access" part is even more broad and is meant to cover my supervision of cataloging services, and management of our LMS, website and repository. The part that is missing is "Systems," since I also oversee the administration of all library technology and systems (LMS, ILL, Website, LibGuides, etc.).
  3. What are you reading right now?
    I don't normally read more than one thing at a time, but I am currently trying to finish up some ebooks that all came in at once (The Bucket List, by Georgia Clark, When the Lights Go Out, by Mary Kubica, and Educated, by Tara Westover) in addition to finishing up The Agony and the Ecstasy, by Irving Stone, and trying to re-read the entire Harry Potter series, one book per week, for a Trivia League.
  4. If you could work in any library (either a type of library or a specific one), what would it be? Why?
    I spent a lot of my childhood involved in music and I love travelling to Europe--the history, the architecture, and the food are so amazing--so someday I really want to visit the Melk Abbey library in Austria (though I'd probably rather visit as a researcher) since they have an incredible collection of original music manuscripts.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

New Updates to MarcEdit

Creator Terry Reese has been investing time and energy into upgrading the already powerful MarcEdit 7 Editor to fit the needs of users better. By working to improve how manual and global updates are carried out, Rees has improved how fast records load, how changes are tracked (undo!), and rewritten the code to make further edits to the program easier. Read more about the changes that have been made here:

As of Feb 18, 2019, Reese has also added a custom report writer that can, “search for specific data, either as a match case or regular expression, and return back a report noting # of times in the file and # of records.” For more about the new tool and an example: