Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Metadata and Linked Data: Not That Scary

Many people will cringe when they hear the word 'metadata'. It's been getting a lot of play in the media with the NSA scandals. Metadata, and an outgrowth of metadata, linked data need not be scary.

It's not hard to create metadata. Programs like PicturePark and Adaptive's Metadata Manager provide ways to not only add metadata, which you can do in many common text editors, but allow you to structure the schema in a way to which even the least code-proficient user can easily add the metadata to a file.

It's when the metadata is used in concert with other metadata that the real utility becomes apparent. Roy Tennant has been publishing a very interesting series of pieces on the Post-MARC era and on data issues in general.

There's more and more everyday on how metadata plays a role in our lives. If you've not been paying attention, now's the time.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NASIG approves Core Competencies of Electronic Resources Librarians

NASIG has announced that their Board approved and adopted “Core Competencies of Electronic Resources Librarians” as NASIG policy at their June 2013 meeting in Buffalo, New York.  The core competencies are organized around the life cycle of electronic resources, the technology required to provide and maintain access to electronic resources, evaluation and assessment of e-resources use, and communication of information concerning electronic resources, their evaluation and use.  The changing landscape of electronic resources is acknowledged. Commitment to professional development, flexibility, a high level of tolerance for complexity and ambiguity and a focus on customer services are emphasized.

The full text of of the NASIG Core Competencies of Electronic Resources Librarians is available through NASIG's Core Competencies Task Force web site.