Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Program for Cooperative Cataloging task group issues list of RDA training materials

The PCC (Program for Cooperative Cataloging) Standing Committee on Training Task Group on RDA Training Materials submitted its final report to the PCC Standing Committee on Training in May 2012. The Task Group was charged with collecting existing RDA training materials to be used for PCC training.  The 36-page report contains an extensive list of freely available RDA training materials created by a wide variety of libraries and organizations. After gathering and evaluating more than 100 resources, the Task Group created an annotated list of 38 recommended resources. The recommended materials are divided into six categories: general documentation, theoretical foundations, introductions to the RDA Toolkit, RDA for general cataloging, RDA for special formats, and RDA and authority records. Libraries nationwide will benefit from the wide dissemination of these RDA training materials, regardless of whether they are PCC members or not. The Task Group report is available at: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/sct/documents/Final%20Report%20of%20the%20SCT%20RDA%20Training%20Materials%20Task%20Group.docm.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Digital Preservation in a Box

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance just unveiled a new resource, Digital Preservation in a Box. This is an online collection of resources for the learning and teaching of digital preservation. Please see the following blog post on the Signal for more information about the collection:


The Digital Preservation in a Box is located at: http://dpoutreach.net/

The site contains the following resources:

*Digital Preservation 101 – introductory materials, including videos, articles, and tutorials explaining the concepts involved in digital preservation
*Glossary – collection of glossaries from various institutions and programs, containing explanations of relevant terms
*Preservation by Format – where to find information for specific digital formats including photographs, audio, video, email, etc.
*Digital Preservation Tools – basic tools listed for either “consumer” or “information professional”
*Digital Storage – some options geared towards personal archiving or the basic knowledge needed to understand preservation storage technology.
*Resources for Educators – curriculum guidance and teaching materials
*Marketing and Outreach – links to marketing materials that can be adapted to support specific events.
*Event Guidance – what you need to know to prepare a digital preservation event at your institution
*Brief Introduction to Digitization – all about scanning, and making the distinction between digital preservation and digitization

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ALCTS/LITA slides available

PowerPoint slides from the LITA/ALCTS Authority Control Interest Group Programs from ALA Annual 2012 are now available on ALA Connect.

Their speakers were:

Janis Young, Library of Congress - LC update to the Authority Control Interest Group.
Gary Strawn, Northwestern University - RDA and the LC/NACO authority file.
Ana Cristan, Library of Congress - Name authorities - What's new?
Karen Anderson, Backstage Library Works - Planning for RDA authority conversion.