Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Survey of Library Blogosphere

Farkas, Meredith. "The Bloggers Among Us: A survey of the library blogosphere shows the mainstreaming of the medium" Library Journal (15 December 2007)( - Farkas, a long-time and well-respected library blogger, surveyed library bloggers (also called by some the "biblioblogosphere") to get a better sense of who is blogging and why. Having performed a previous survey, she compares numbers to detect trends. To no one's surprise, Farkas found many more bloggers than before, and women have begun to close the blogging gap with their male counterparts. The number of public librarians blogging have also increased in comparison to academic librarians. Many more statistics as well as insights gleaned from the data can be found in this article that tells us a lot about who we are as a blogging community.
--Reprinted by permission from Current Cites 18(12) (December 2007)

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