Friday, January 25, 2008

NISO and UKSG Partner to Tackle Inefficiencies in OpenURL Supply Chain

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and UK Serials Group (UKSG) have launched the Knowledge Base And Related Tools (KBART) working group. The establishment of the group follows last year's publication of the UKSG-sponsored research report, Link Resolvers and the Serials Supply Chain. The report identified inefficiencies in the supply and manipulation of journal article data that impact the efficacy and potential of OpenURL linking. The KBART working group's mandate has been extended beyond the serials supply chain to consider best practice for supply of data pertaining to e-resources in general.

The group will comprise representatives from publishers, libraries, link resolver and ERM vendors, subscription agents and other parties involved in the creation of, provision of data to and implementation of knowledge bases. These key components of the OpenURL supply chain play a critical role in the delivery of the appropriate copy to end-users of content in a networked environment.

More information available at NISO:

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