Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OCLC Offers Digital Archive Service

OCLC is now providing a Digital Archive service for long-term storage of originals and master files from libraries' digital collections.

The Digital Archive service is simplified to fit with a variety of digital library workflows and to keep the costs of safely storing these important files within the budget of a library's digital program. The service will provide automated monitoring and reports on stored digital collections. OCLC has integrated the service to fit typical workflows for building and managing digital collections.

The service provides a secure storage environment for libraries to easily manage and monitor master files and digital originals. The importance of preserving master files grows as a library's digital collections grow. Libraries need a workflow for capturing and managing master files that finds a balance between the acquisition of both digitized and born-digital content while not outpacing a library's capability to manage these large files.

"The Montana Historical Society has chosen the Digital Archive service as the storage facility for our digital collections," said Molly Kruckenberg, Research Center Director. "The ease of adding materials through Connexion and the secure, managed storage make the Digital Archive service the ideal solution for our needs."

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