Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OCLC Crosswalk Web Service Demo

OCLC Research Launches Crosswalk Web Service Demo

Developers who need to translate metadata now have access to a new demonstration service.

Developed by Senior Research Scientist, Jean Godby, and Consulting Software Engineer, Devon Smith, OCLC Crosswalk Web Service translates metadata records from one format to another and will process up to 500 records from all requests per user, per day. With the aid of the WSDL file, users can develop a client to access the service, which is available on the OCLC ResearchWorks Web site for an undecided duration.

The service was developed to handle the increasingly complicated interoperability needs of OCLC and the greater library community. It has been made available to the public to gather feedback on the API that developers use, the set of formats supported (specifically, what is missing from the set), as well as specific mappings, such as incorrect or missing mappings.

Developers translating metadata are invited to use OCLC Crosswalk Web Service and are encouraged to provide feedback.


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