Thursday, October 23, 2008

RDA Full Draft Update

The full draft of RDA will be available for Constituency Review during the week of November 3rd. Our intent is to issue it in a preliminary version of the software with Browse and Quick Search functionality. We will provide you with the appropriate URL from which you will be able both to view and print the full draft.

As a contingency, if we cannot issue the full draft with the preliminary software release during the week of November 3rd, we will release it in PDF as scheduled on the JSC Website. You will be able to download PDF versions of the chapters and appendices from the JSC Website. We will then inform you when the full draft is available in the preliminary version at a later date. More detailed information will be forthcoming in the cover letter accompanying the full draft.

Nathalie Schulz, Secretary, JSC
For the Committee of Principals and the Co-Publishers

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