Wednesday, November 5, 2008

RDA Documents Now Available

The following documents are now available on the JSC web site at:

- 5JSC/RDA/Editor's Guide
- 5JSC/RDA/Objectives and Principles/Rev/2
- 5JSC/RDA/Prospectus/Rev/6
- 5JSC/RDA/Scope/Rev/3
- 5JSC/RDA/RDA to FRBR mapping/Rev/2
- 5JSC/RDA/FRBR to RDA mapping
- 5JSC/RDA/Element analysis/Rev/2
- 5JSC/RDA/RDA to FRAD mapping/Rev
- 5JSC/RDA/FRAD to RDA mapping

Kathy Winzer
Catalog Librarian
Robert Crown Law Library
Stanford University

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