Thursday, January 14, 2010

Library of Congress Big Heads update available

The Library of Congress's January update for the ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Interest Group (for its meeting tomorrow at ALA Midwinter in Boston) is available at, along with the reports of other "big heads." Among the many items of interest is this report on LC's review of LCRIs:
"The Policy and Standards Division, after considering recommendations from the PCC LCRI/RDA Task Force on the disposition of the current Library of Congress Rule Interpretations (LCRIs), evaluated each of the 545 existing LCRIs in the context of the U.S. National Libraries RDA Test in 2010. PSD decided that approximately 125 be retained and revised as annotations for RDA instructions to be used during the RDA Test. Some have general application but most have a narrow scope and will need to be consulted by only some of the testers. Content with general application is being revised to remove unneeded information." LC's full report is available at:

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