Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Metadata Blog - Call for Bloggers

Below is a call for bloggers for a new Metadata Blog, which may also be of interest to our readers.

*Call for Bloggers: Information about Metadata wants to be Shared*   

Do you have an interest in metadata and digital library projects? Have you recently read a good article on the subject? Have you developed a new project or workflow? Have you attended a workshop or conference of interest to the community? Would you like to connect and get your name out to other metadata librarians?   If so, become a contributor to the Metadata Blog: http://blogs.ala.org/nrmig.php.  

The official blog of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) Metadata Interest Group has traditionally been used to advertise and report on events at ALA conferences.  We are expanding our focus to keep the metadata community informed throughout the year on related research, projects, and events.  Contributions can include summaries of articles or research, links to educational opportunities, calls for papers, descriptions of interesting projects, conference reports, requests for assistance, or anything else of potential interest to the community.  Posts may contain original content or link to existing content, as appropriate.   

What are the requirements to become a contributor? 
-Have knowledge, interest, or experience in metadata and/or digital library projects. -Be willing to write at least one post for the Metadata Blog during 2010 (more are welcome!) 
-LIS students and new librarians are encouraged to participate.   

If you are interested, contact Kristin Martin, Blog Coordinator for the Metadata Blog at kmarti@uic.edu.  Please provide some brief information on your background and ideas for contributions.  Initial posts to the blog will be reviewed prior to posting.  After that, contributors will be able to post directly to the blog as new information comes up to be shared.   

-- Kristin E. Martin 
Metadata Librarian 
Catalog Department (MC 234) 
2-390 Richard J. Daley Library 
University of Illinois at Chicago 
801 S. Morgan 
Chicago, IL  60607 
312-413-0424 (Fax) 

(AUTOCAT; reposted with permission)

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