Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upcoming ALCTS e-forum: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Technical Services Work

ALCTS is sponsoring a free e-forum May 19-20 on "Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Technical Services Work." Social software such as wikis, blogs, mashups, tagging, RSS feeds, instant messaging, Google Docs, etc. have been used successfully for several years now on the public services side of libraries. This forum is intended to be a two-day discussion where the following topics, as well as others can be addressed:
• How can technical services librarians and staff use social software to enhance their work?
• Are there applications of social software that can "bridge the gap" and increase communication between technical services and public services departments in libraries?
• What kinds of information problems do you see in your library/technical services unit(s) that could be solved by using Web 2.0 tools?
• Are there specific types of social tools you're hoping to learn more about? Hopefully other libraries can share examples of their applications of these tools to help you get started.
• How are you (or your library's technical services unit(s))making use of social software?
For a complete description of the e-forum, and registration information, go to:

Posted on the OCLC-CAT list, 5/13/2010

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