Friday, July 16, 2010

New York Times Index releases subject headings to the Linked Data Cloud

The New York Times, which has already released subject headings for people, places and organizations as terms available to the semantic web, is now releasing 498 topical subject headings. In an article dated June 24, 2010, authors Kristi Reilly and Jennifer Parrucci describe broader and narrower terms and the differences between a paper and an online thesaurus. It's very interesting.

Actually, if you use the tag "linked data cloud" to search the NYT archive, there are several articles on their decision to release their thesaurus to the Linked Data Cloud, how they did it using RDF and SKOS, and how you can get ahold of their thesaurus to do anything you want with as well as an example of a little application created with the data. It's fascinating.

Thanks to Kathy Winzer of the Robert Crown Library at Stanford Law School for pointing me to the original article.

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