Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LC seeks feedback on MADS/RDF vocabulary description

The Library of Congress has developed a new owl ontology to make available the data commonly found in LC authority records.

MADS/RDF provides a means to represent the detailed information embedded in common LIS authority records. . . .MADS/RDF is a more specifically defined data model to represent the complexities of authority data. In part because MADS/RDF derives, ultimately, from the MARC Authority format, it is expected that MADS/RDF will be of greatest interest to the LIS community, though it may also be of interest to non-library applications. It provides a means to not only capture information regularly found in LIS authority records but also represent authority data as it has come to be expected by those working in the LIS community. MADS/RDF is designed to complement SKOS and, as such, is formally mapped to the SKOS/RDF vocabulary to be used for inferencing purposes or data exchange between a MADS/RDF user and a SKOS user. 

Public comment period closes January 14, 2011. Documentation and ontology available here.

From Catalogablog

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