Thursday, October 13, 2011

U. of California E-Book Usage Survey

Li, Chan, Felicia Poe, and Michele Potter, et. al. UC Libraries Academic e-Book Usage Survey. Oakland, CA: University of California Libraries, May 2011. At:

In October 2010, the University of California Libraries conducted system-wide survey on e-book usage and user experience from the Springer E-Book Pilot Project initiated in 2008. The survey asked users their general preference for print and e-books, barriers to e-books adoption, and e-book functionalities. Some interesting findings include: Only 47% of the respondents in business and law field reported using academic e-books, lower than all other disciplines; While 49% of all respondents prefer print books for various reasons, 54% of the respondents in business and law field prefer e-books. As for functionalities, being able to search across e-book contents and annotate/highlight are very important to users. Users also want to download a whole book, access books via e-book readers, and are willing to pay for printing on demand.

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