Monday, January 16, 2012

Redefining the Academic Library

Redefining the Academic Library: Managing the Migration to Digital Information Services. Washington, DC: Education Advisory Board, 2011. At:

Hailed as a seminal report by Current Cites, a monthly annotated bibliography of literature on information technology, this report summarizes the challenges academic libraries face in the digital age, and possible responses they can make. It includes four main sections: 1. Leveraging Digital Collections (The Promise and Perils of Ebooks; Patron-Driven Acquisition; Print-on-Demand); 2. Rethinking the Scholarly Publishing Model (Centralized Licensing Structure; On-Demand Article Access; Open-Access Publishing); 3. Repurposing Library Space (Data-Driven Deselection; Collaborative Collection Management; Building the 21st Century Library); 4. Redeploying Library Staff (Externalizing Low-Impact Activity; Roles in Teaching and Learning; Roles in Research and Scholarship).

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