Thursday, February 9, 2012

Making Good on the Promise of ERM

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announced last week, the publication of Making Good on the Promise of ERM: A Standards and Best Practices Discussion Paper. The publication is the outcome of the NISO Electronic Resource Management (ERM) Data Standards and Best Practices Project, a successor to the Digital Library Federation's Electronic Resources Management Initiative (ERMI). The project's primary goals were to perform a "gap analysis" of standards and best practices and make recommendations on the future of the ERMI Data Dictionary.

According to Tim Jewell, Chair of the ERM Data Standards and Best Practices Review Steering Committee, their analysis focused on five categories:

  1. link resolvers and knowledge bases;
  2. the work, manifestations, and access points;
  3. cost and usage-related data;
  4. license terms;
  5. and data exchange using institutional identifiers.

Making Good on the Promise of ERM is available for free download from the NISO website at:

For more information, see the NISO press release at:

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