Thursday, March 29, 2012

PCC Day One for RDA authority records announced

PCC's “Day One for RDA Authority Records" will be March 31, 2013, the same day as the “Day One” selected by LC and the other U.S. national test libraries for RDA implementation. PCC “Day One” for RDA Authority Records has been defined as: “the point after which all new authority records entering the LC/NACO Authority File must be coded RDA, and all access points on bibliographic records coded “pcc” must be RDA." Linda Barnhart, current chair of the PCC, explains that the date was selected for several reasons:

It gives a year of lead time for NACO catalogers to be trained in NACO RDA authority work (and to develop a smooth and confident local workflow for those contributions.

It provides a reasonable target date for the work that will need to take place in and with the authority file in preparation for RDA.

It gives the vendor community time to plan.

And because it matches the date for LC implementation of RDA, there wil be less confusion for catalogers in keeping dates straight.

More information about PCC Day One for authority records may be found on the PCC's RDA page:

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