Friday, July 13, 2012

Digital Preservation in a Box

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance just unveiled a new resource, Digital Preservation in a Box. This is an online collection of resources for the learning and teaching of digital preservation. Please see the following blog post on the Signal for more information about the collection:

The Digital Preservation in a Box is located at:

The site contains the following resources:

*Digital Preservation 101 – introductory materials, including videos, articles, and tutorials explaining the concepts involved in digital preservation
*Glossary – collection of glossaries from various institutions and programs, containing explanations of relevant terms
*Preservation by Format – where to find information for specific digital formats including photographs, audio, video, email, etc.
*Digital Preservation Tools – basic tools listed for either “consumer” or “information professional”
*Digital Storage – some options geared towards personal archiving or the basic knowledge needed to understand preservation storage technology.
*Resources for Educators – curriculum guidance and teaching materials
*Marketing and Outreach – links to marketing materials that can be adapted to support specific events.
*Event Guidance – what you need to know to prepare a digital preservation event at your institution
*Brief Introduction to Digitization – all about scanning, and making the distinction between digital preservation and digitization

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