Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Program for Cooperative Cataloging announces RDA training for BIBCO libraries

BIBCO institutions will be interested to know that the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) has developed a training plan for RDA descriptive cataloging in the context of the PCC BIBCO Standard Record for textual monographs. BIBCO catalogers are urged to work through Modules 1-4 of the online RDA training available from LC at Once catalogers have completed the online modules, BIBCO institutions should register for a series of four live webinars being offered by the PCC Secretariat. The webinars  are question-and-answer sessions with experienced RDA catalogers, based on questions submitted in advance by the trainees. The webinars begin in early December and the PCC Secretariat intends to offer them on a monthly basis during 2013 as needed by the BIBCO community. Following completion of the training, BIBCO institutions will undergo review of their RDA cataloging by an RDA-trained PCC cataloger. RDA NACO training and record review are prerequisites for BIBCO training.

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