Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cornell and Columbia to Integrate their Technical Services Operations

The libraries at Columbia University and Cornell University are taking an unprecedented new step in their 2CUL partnership: integrating technical services operations.

For library users, the 2CUL integration will mean better and faster access to more materials — including licensed journal articles, foreign materials and other content. When negotiating with vendors and other third parties for services and content, the technical services operation will exercise bargaining power on behalf of both research libraries.

The integration will also include:

  • Seeking a common library management system that integrates data and workflows;
  • Establishing collaborative collection building and coordinated processing;
  • Reviewing policies, practices, workflows and job responsibilities at each institution, with an eye toward reconciling them as much as possible;
  • Drafting best practices and guidelines; and
  • Adopting a new organizational structure and culture.

For more information, see: http://communications.library.cornell.edu/news/130116/2cul

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