Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RSS post Google Reader

As you may have read, Google Reader will soon be like Monty Python's Parrot, and cease to be. So how will this impact anyone using Google Reader for their RSS feeds?

The answer is probably not much, as there are, and have been several alternatives to Google Reader. A recent article on The Verge ( explores just that topic.

Feedly is probably the best of these alternatives. With free mobile apps and an easy user interface (it handles keyboard shortcuts!), it is visually friendly and not overly complicated to use. That being said, if you are requiring your reader to handle more feeds, NewsBlur is probably the feeder you need to be using. It not only handles a large amount of feeds, it refreshes every minute, which is more often than the standard you've come to expect with Google Reader. 

One warning that should be taken out of the Verge article is that with Google out of the "free" reader business, expect the market for premium reader services to pick up. 

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