Friday, September 6, 2013

Copy Cataloging Using RDA

A fairly recent addition to LC's extensive collection of RDA training materials ( is the set of materials that focuses on copy cataloging using RDA. Issued in May 2013, the materials were developed by Tim Carlton, Les Hawkins, Hien Nguyen, Margaret Wayne, Kay Guiles and Dave Reser of LC.  Although created primarily for LC copy catalogers, with an emphasis on LC policies and practices, the training materials contain a great deal of information that will be of value to copy catalogers at other libraries as well. According to the course summary, "[t]his course focuses on helping trainees develop the ‘cataloger judgment’ necessary to evaluate copied records to determine which elements are acceptable ... and which elements should be edited or adjusted." The course materials include an instructor manual, a trainee manual (with exercises) and a separate document with the answers to the exercises. The materials are up-to-date and reflect current LC copy cataloging practice.

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