Wednesday, November 6, 2013

JSC meeting in Washington, DC, November 2013

The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA is meeting November 4-8, 2013 in Washington, DC. Among the many proposed RDA revisions under discussion at the meeting is one authored by AALL member John Hostage addressing the RDA instructions for treaties (revision proposal 6JSC/ALA/23, available at: Those interested in following the JSC discussions as they unfold may want to check out John Attig's blog at: Mr. Attig, who until recently was the ALA representative to the JSC, started the blog in January 2009. His blog has provided blow-by-blow coverage of the JSC's annual meetings since November 2011. Mr. Attig has shown himself to be skillful in boiling down long and complex discussions to their most essential elements and reporting the outcomes in relatively easy-to-digest pieces.

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