Thursday, December 19, 2013

Collection Assessment and Evaluation E-forum

How can we best evaluate our collections to ensure their ongoing utility and value? ALCTS recently sponsored an e-forum on Collection Assessment and Evaluation. Questions examined included participant's experiences with collection assessment, methods and tools used for conducting assessments, and evaluation of non-textual collections.

One interesting result of this e-forum was the creation of a Collection Assessment discussion list hosted by the American Library Association mailing list service.

A summary of the e-forum is available along with an archive of the individual messages.  The summary includes links to tools, presentations and articles related to collection assessment.

The ALCTS website describes e-Forums as "two-day, moderated, electronic discussion forums that provide an opportunity for librarians to discuss matters of interest on an ALCTS discussion list. These discussions are free of charge and available to anyone who wishes to subscribe to the list."

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