Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is it inevitable your ILS will be Cloud-based?

            In a recent Twitter post, Lisa Rabey asked a question.

          A few people responded to her question, notably Marshall Breeding and  Keri Cascio, Director of Innovative Technologies and Library Resource Management at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology in Kansas City, Missouri. Cascio pointed out that Ex Libris' Primo and Alma, OCLC WorldShare Management System, VTLS Virtua were all cloud based systems, either through as SaaS (Software as a Service)or as a distributed cloud server environment. SirsiDynix has trumpeted their BlueCloud Suite. Libserra also has a product.

Two years ago, Edward M. Corrado & Heather Lea Moulaison wrote an article in the Digital Shift that tackled many of the questions surrounding putting a library in the cloud. At a recent conference in Charleston, Brad Spry, Shoko Tokoro and Michael Winecoff presented on UNC-Charlotte's Atkins Library's recent move to the OCLC Worldshare System. Softlink has a cloud based product tailored specifically for law firm libraries



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