Friday, May 23, 2014

CONSER Cataloging Manual updates for RDA

The Library of Congress PCC CONSER Documentation and update page now has many revised draft modules for the CONSER Cataloging Manual. These updates reflect changes to the manual necessitated by adoption of RDA. Each module has been extensively overhauled and begins with an outline, references and definitions for terms used. Each area of description lists the preferred source of information, with references to the RDA Toolkit and examples of how the RDA guidelines should be applied expressed in MARC. If there are differences between LC/PCC and CONSER practice, these differences are explicitly discussed.

Module 35: Integrating Resources includes extensive cataloging surrogates and example records in MARC with commentary discussing the cataloging choices. Sample records both before and after conversion to RDA are provided. This module concludes with cheat sheets for both print and online integrating resource RDA MARC records.

Some knotty areas, such as micro-forms, still require revision, but the project is well on its way to completion. The many concrete examples provided are wonderful aids to understanding application of RDA "suggestions" for description.

The completed modules are slowly being pushed out to the Cataloger's Desktop, but currently appear only in the "updates" area of the CONSER Cataloging Manual.

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