Monday, June 23, 2014

10 Things to Buy with TS-SIS Preservation $150.00 Contest Money

Here are 10 things you can buy with TS-SIS Preservation 3rd Annual Worst Book $150.00 Contest Money:

1.    Water alarm
2.    Moisture resistant boxes
3.    Interleaving papers and tissues
4.    Cutters and trimmers
5.    Mount making tools
6.    Aprons
7.    Gloves
8.    Transport cart
9.    Display products
10.  Disaster kits and components

Preservation Committee members are on standby. We are eager to see your picture. Send your picture to before/by July 1. Deadline extended to July 7!

Complete details about the contest can be found here.

Thank you,

Maxine Wright 

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