Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MarcEdit 6.1 (Windows/Linux) & MarcEdit Mac (1.1.25)

Many AALL TS-SIS members use MarcEdit in their daily work. Terry Reese the developer of MarcEdit has been working on an OS X version for most of the summer of 2015; but has also worked on some major features for the Windows version.

The OS X version has recently moved into "release" and Terry wrote about some of the major features and how much functional parity there is between the OS X and Windows/Linux versions:

For the Windows release there are two major features one is a "Build new field" tool and a access point (heading) validation tool. Be sure to check out the new headings validation functionality in the Windows release! Terry posted about how he expects the validate heading feature to work at:

The changelog for this recent release follows:

** 1.1.25 ChangeLog

Bug Fix: MarcEditor — changes may not be retained after save if you make manual edits following a global updated.
Enhancement: Delimited Text Translator completed.
Enhancement: Export Tab Delimited complete
Enhancement: Validate Headings Tool complete
Enhancement: Build New Field Tool Complete
Enhancement: Build New Field Tool added to the Task Manager
Update: Linked Data Tool — Added Embed OCLC Work option
Update: Linked Data Tool — Enhance pattern matching
Update: RDA Helper — Updated for parity with the Windows Version of MarcEdit
* Update: MarcValidator — Enhancements to support better checking when looking at the mnemonic format.
If you are on the Windows/Linux version – you’ll see the following changes:

* 6.1.60 ChangeLog

Update: Validate Headings — Updated patterns to improve the process for handling heading validation.
Enhancement: Build New Field — Added a new global editing tool that provides a pattern-based approach to building new field data.
Update: Added the Build New Field function to the Task Management tool.
UI Updates: Specific to support Windows 10.

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