Friday, February 29, 2008

Mass Digitization

Hahn, Trudi Bellardo. "Mass Digitization: Implication for Preserving
the Scholarly Record" [18]Library Resources & Technical Services
52(1) (January 2008): 18-26.

"Digitization is not preservation." This is a sentence that I've heard countless times at digitization workshops over the years. Trudi Bellardo Hahn takes libraries to task for allowing Google and other for-profit vendors to make the rules for the mass digitization, and ultimately preservation, of our scholarly record. Based on a talk she did in 2006 at the Eighth Annual Symposium on Scholarly Communication, Hahn cautions us to pause and think a little bit more about five areas: pace of developments, risk versus vision, justification for digitizing books, trust, and leadership. She argues that libraries should look at who's driving the car of mass digitization, and to make sure that they are more involved in every step of the process, especially when it comes to digitization leadership.

--Reprinted by permission from Current Cites 19(2) (February 2008)

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