Monday, February 18, 2008

NISO Forum "Next Generation Discovery"

NISO will be hosting a forum on "Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards" in Chapel Hill, N.C. on March 27-28, 2008.

"Discovering scholarly information and data is essential for research and use of the content that the information community is producing and making available. The development of knowledge bases, web systems, repositories, and other sources for this information brings the need for effective discovery -- search-driven discovery and network (or browse) driven discovery -- tools to the forefront. With new tools and systems emerging, however, are standards keeping pace with the next generation of tools? What's coming up and where might standards fit to assist in this arena? The forum will include both a look at the current state of discovery tools and at new visions of what these tools might look like in the next several years. "

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