Friday, September 19, 2008

FRBR-based Work-level Records for Moving Image Materials

OLAC's Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC) created a task force earlier this year to investigate and make recommendations on issues related to FRBR-based work-level records for moving image materials.

The task force has recently completed an initial draft report with recommendations that attempts to define a moving image work record, draw boundaries for such a record, identify attributes and relationships that are important to include in such records, and assess the relative importance of these attributes and relationships. The report is available at:

The task force is interested in feedback from the wider cataloging community and will take comments on the draft through Friday, October 17. Please send your suggestions and constructive criticism to me at

The task force is also working on operational definitions and lists of potential sources for information for a representative sample of attributes, as well as exploring the possibility of extracting work-level information from existing MARC bibliographic records for manifestations. Reports on this work should be available later this fall.

Thank you.
Kelley McGrath
Chair, OLAC/CAPC Moving Image Work-Level Records Task Force

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