Monday, September 8, 2008

Multiple Library Systems Article

"The Networked Library Service Layer: Sharing Data for More Effective Management and Co-operation" by Janifer Gatenby. Ariadne, issue 56 (July 2008).

"Libraries’ collections fall into three parts: physical, digital and licensed. These are managed by multiple systems, ILS (Integrated Library System), ERM (Electronic Records Management), digital management, digital repositories, resolvers, inter-library loan and reference. At the same time libraries are increasingly co-operating in collecting and storing resources. This article examines how to identify data that is best located at global, collective and local levels. An example is explored, namely the benefits of moving data from different local systems to the network level to manage acquisition of the total collection as a whole and in combination with consortia members. Also covered is how to achieve rapid development of standards to plug existing gaps that are hindering system interoperability."

(NISO Newsline)

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