Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Alternative to RDA

For those dreading RDA, there is a cooperative project online that offers an RDA alternative. 

The Cooperative Cataloging Rules project is a cooperative site originally created as an alternative to accepting RDA by James Weinheimer, Director of Library and Information Services at The American University of Rome, Italy. His basic idea is to have a site where the current cataloging rules can continue to be updated. See for a list of all the rules.

The Cooperative Cataloging Rules project includes a Google Group, a Wiki and a Blog. 

Check out the Cooperative Cataloging Rules Group at:

Check out the Cooperative Cataloging Rules wiki at:
Here you can find out how to get involved!

For more information, check out the blog at:
Here you can see the Official Announcement and check out the discussions. 

(site mentioned on Autocat)

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