Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NISO December 2009 Newsletter

The NISO December newsletter is now posted at: http://www.niso.org/publications/newsline/2009/newslinedec09.html

Here are a few highlights:
  • As part of NISO's 70th Anniversary, NISO has been publishing a series in Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) of NISO milestones since the organization's inception as the Z39 committee in 1939. NISO has posted the timelines openly on the NISO website. It's a fascinating trip through the past of library and information standards development. In addition, the Fall issue of ISQ, due out this month, completes the anniversary series with a feature article on future trends and issues impacting NISO. 
  • With an eye toward the future, NISO has begun work on a review of electronic resource management (ERM) issues as a follow-up to the original DLF ERMI work. The original initiative led to standards work on usage statistics (SUSHI), cost data interoperability (CORE) and license expression (ONIX-PL) as well as many projects outside of NISO. In the coming months, we expect the ERM gap analysis to be completed and identify priorities for further work in this area into the new decade.  
  • Finally, NISO has announced its 2010 educational program schedule
(NISO website)

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