Thursday, February 24, 2011

RDA Ask-the-Experts webinar recording available

In case you missed last week's "RDA Ask-the-Experts" webinar, or if you want to review it, a recording of the webinar can be downloaded at: RDA_Ask_the_Experts_Webinar.wmv.

The webinar, sponsored by ALCTS, features Linda Gabel, Erin Stalberg, Trina Grover, and Kathryn La Barre. You will need Windows Media software on your computer to view the recording.

In other RDA-related news, Troy Linker’s presentation on "AACR2 to RDA: Using the RDA Toolkit" may be viewed at: This presentation requires Adobe Flash Player. The presentation covers:

o An overview of the new vocabulary, organization, functions, and resources in the RDA Toolkit that can help AACR2 users quickly interact with RDA.

o Support built into the RDA Toolkit that helps in migrating from AACR2 to the RDA Toolkit.

o How AACR2 is integrated into the RDA Toolkit.

o RDA Mappings and Workflows, Element Set, and the "three-tab" concept.

o Enhancements including improved searching of RDA by AACR2 rule number.

o Links to more in-depth resources on the FRBR and FRAD conceptual models.

(RDA Toolkit list 2/24/2011)

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