Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Using data from IMDB

Catalogablog quotes from an email sent to  NGC4LIB that Charles Ledvina has created an interesting tool to grab data from a popular movie database and pop it into MARC format.
As creator of the Amazon-to-MARC converter I thought it would be apropos to do a project along the same lines for IMDB. The prototype is located at http://amazon.libcat.org/cgi-bin/imdb2marc.pl.

I am using Brian Fritz's API (http://imdbapi.com/) to populate the fields.

Here is a MARC (or should I say MARX) example of the motion picture "Horse Feathers" :


The only problem is that there is no material type or publisher, so, the 260 and the 300 are a bit suspect. As with the Amazon-to-Marc product you can also verify names.
I would also be interested in seeing his "amazon to MARC converter!


David said...

Here you go.


Won't replace a cataloger, but can save some typing.

Christina Tarr said...