Thursday, November 3, 2011

JSC Approves Revision of RDA Reports of One Court

John Attig, blogging yesterday from the meeting of the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA, reports that the proposed revision to RDA (Reports of One Court) has been approved. The recommended revision was submitted by AALL and proposes the following changes to RDA

"For reports of one court not ascribed to a reporter or reporters by name, eliminate the need to determine whether the reports were issued by or under the authority of the court. Instead, base the authorized access point on the authorized access point representing the court. Otherwise, different manifestations containing the same reports could have different authorized access points depending on whether they were issued by the court."

"Switch the order of the remaining instructions for a more logical sequence, dealing first with the exceptional case (reports ascribed by name) and then with all other cases (reports not ascribed by name)."

The proposed revision may be read in its entirety at: John Attig is the ALA representative to the JSC; his blog is available at:

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