Monday, May 14, 2012

Evaluating Web-Scale DIscovery Services

Hoeppner, Athena. "The Ins and Outs of Evaluating Web-Scale Discovery Services." Computers in Libraries 32(3)(April 2012). At:

This introductory article explains web-scaled discovery concepts and terminology, and provides a short checklist for examining the products. The products discussed include: EBSCO Discovery Service (EBSCO), Primo Central Index (Ex Libris), Summon (Serials Solutions), and WorldCat Local (OCLC).

Vaughan, Jason. "Investigations into Library Web-Scale Discovery Services." Information Technology and Libraries 31(1)(March 2012). At:

This article describes in depth how the University of Nevada Las Vegas Library investigated the discovery service tools. The Discovery Task Force conducted several internal staff surveys, prepared comprehensive question lists for vendors, organized onsite vendor visits, tracked product enhancements, and made final recommendation. Many of the documents used in the process are available in the Appendix section.

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