Monday, March 17, 2014

Digital Publishing: The Next Library Skill

Librarians have embraced the Internet and mastered the web, and they are building profiles in social media. These have become the core skills. Now they have yet another exciting opportunity from a not-so-new industry -- publishing. The barriers to all modes of digital publishing have been dropping for years, challenging established publishers to rethink their missions and change with the times or face obsolescence. Indeed, contributors along the full spectrum of the information life cycle are being challenged to add new digital media skills. Where to begin is a question faced by librarians considering jumping into digital publishing. All the indicators suggest that they should ask if it should become a core competency. However, taking that leap can be tough: Budget realities impinge on their actions and always have -- launching new services can be risky. Given the stakes, it is crucial to be strategic and opportunistic in building a digital publishing program, using whatever means are available.

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