Thursday, March 20, 2014

PCC Guidelines: relationship designators in NACO authority records

The PCC Policy Committee has announced that draft PCC Guidelines: Relationship Designators in NACO authority records are now available  for comment on the PCC Post RDA Implementation Guidelines and Standards website.  Additionally, you can link directly to the proposed guidelines. 

These guidelines provide examples for use of RDA Appendix I, J or K relationship designators to relate authority records in the LC/NACO Authority file. Guideline 6 : Use of $i in relationship links between corporate entities and the names of other persons or families provides an optional structure to relate an individual to a firm, or a firm to and individual, such as its founder.  Guideline 8: Relationship links between non-jurisdictional corporate entities outlines replacement of the former practice of using subfield $w values "a" (earlier name) or "b" (later name) with RDA Appendix K relationship designators using subfield $i and subfield $w value "r".  Additional guidelines cover hierarchical relationships for related corporate bodies and relationships between works and expressions.

Comments can be sent to until April 15, 2014 and will be discussed at the Operations Committee meeting in May. 

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