Thursday, November 6, 2014

John Attig blogs from this week's meetings of the Joint Steering Committee

In case you have been waiting with bated breath for a resolution to the issues raised in 6JSC/TechnicalWG/4, "Court and Jurisdiction in RDA" (; see also my previous TechScans post on this topic, dated October 7, 2014)), it appears as though you will have to wait a while longer. As John Attig reports in his blog of this week's meetings of the Joint Steering Committee, "[t]he [Technical Working Group's] paper represents an attempt to disambiguate the uses of the term “Jurisdiction” in RDA in order to distinguish between the place governed and the governing body. The paper proposed to limit the term “Jurisdiction” to the place and to find other terms for referring to various types of corporate bodies. There was no consensus on the recommendations presented, and several JSC constituencies agreed to work together to investigate the problem further." Attig's blog is a great way to get "fly-on-the-wall" observations about the JSC's deliberations as they unfold:

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