Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Paul Frank, along with the PCC Secretariat, have created a new webpage, BIBFRAME and the PCC, to help librarians learn about the BIBFRAME initiative and understand development of a future bibliographic ecosystem. The creators hope that this page will function as a central source for information, documentation and updates on the PCC's involvement with BIBFRAME.

Of particular interest is a short paper, authored by Paul Frank, entitled BIBFRAME: Why? What? Who? describing the basics of BIBFRAME and why it is being developed.

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Beth Holmes said...

Really interesting. Back when I was a full time academic cataloger I used to wonder why we couldn't just put the authority record number in a field and link to the record rather than having to re-type the whole string of text each and everytime. I was thinking in terms of within our Innovative System, but this would do that globally via the Web.