Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beta Test of MWeb Universal 1.2

We invite you to participate in the beta test of MWeb Universal 1.2. This beta program is open to all. If you provide us with useful feedback, we will give you a free copy of the final software. MWeb Universal 1.2 provides web-based searching of multiple MARC21 files in their native format -- no need to convert or export. Any number of files can be searched at once. All files must be either bibliographic or authority, and either MARC-8 or UTF-8.

A later release will provide the ability to mix formats and encodings. UNIMARC and MARCXML will also be supported in a later release. Search features include keyword and phrase searching, boolean, truncation, and the ability to restrict searches to specific fields. In addition, searches can be restricted to subsets of the files, such as juvenalia, reference, records with specific fields, etc.

Images will show in MWeb search results and full records if they are referenced in the 856 field, and are available via HTTP.

If you wish to participate, please go to our Beta Program page at for the download link and specific questions we hope you can help with.

Please send all questions and comments to Please begin your email subject line with the words "MWeb beta" to bypass our spam filter. For further information about MWeb:

Thank you in advance for any feedback!
Stephen Toney
Systems Planning
MWeb, MARCView, and MARConvert are trademarks of Systems Planning

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