Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Upcoming Changes in ABA Questionnaires

Report to Law Library Directors on Upcoming Changes in the ABA Questionnaires

We want to let you know of upcoming changes in the ABA Annual Questionnaire. First, we'll briefly report the changes and then provide you with a longer explanation.

* The Questionnaire to be completed this fall will ask us to report the number of electronic titles included in the library's online catalog. These may include purchased titles, licensed titles or free titles that the library has identified as important enough to catalog.

* The upcoming questionnaire will be the last annual questionnaire asking for volume or title counts. (The elimination for the volume count was announced last year.)

* Future questionnaires will continue to request data on dollars spent on print and non-print titles including electronic titles.

* The Site Evaluation Questionnaire will have a greatly expanded section on library services. These questions will need to be developed.

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