Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) guidelines for printed books

The PCC Policy Committee (PoCo) has set January 4, 2010 as the implementation date for the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) guidelines for printed books as outlined in the Final Report of the Task Group on BIBCO Standard Record Requirements.   

●       The PCC has posted the BSR guidelines, Metadata Application Profile (MAP), and a BSR FAQ to support implementation.  
●       Libraries contributing BSR records for printed books (excluding rare books) using the BIBCO Standard Record requirements will use the single encoding level “blank.”  This replaces the use of BIBCO Full and Core standards for printed books. 
●       Libraries contributing BIBCO records for rare books, electronic books, and materials in non-book formats will continue to code full records “blank” and core records “4”, until BSR guidelines can be developed. 
●       Encoding level “4” will remain as a valid encoding level in OCLC for earlier BIBCO core records and for records not contributed as PCC printed book records in the future.  It is understood that batch loading processes by libraries that catalog in local systems may result in some BIBCO core level records entering OCLC even after January 4, 2010. 
●       The Standing Committee on Standards is charged with developing BSR guidelines for rare books, for electronic books, and for monographs in non-book formats, in consultation with appropriate stakeholders. 
●       The Standing Committee on Training is charged with developing training materials aimed primarily at libraries joining the BIBCO program.

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