Wednesday, November 18, 2009

R. David Lankes gives thought-provoking keynote address at the Charleston Conference

R. David Lankes, associate professor and director of the Information Institute of Syracuse, gave a keynote address at the 29th Annual Charleston Conference on November 5, 2009. According to the abstract of the presentation, entitled "New Librarianship," "The best days of librarianship are ahead of us. However, to get there the field must step back, refocus, and reexamine our core principles. We as a profession have become so focused on the trees of standards and process that we are now at risk from missing the larger forest of opportunities. This talk will present a view of a new librarianship, one focused on knowledge and action instead of artifacts and collection. The presentation will look beyond the trends of today’s technologies to a durable new librarianship that focuses on innovation, leadership, and service."
Slides, audio, and a link to a screencast of the presentation are available at:

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